THE HONKY TONK ::: You are a part of a group of intrepid travelers who want to have a fun night out; music, a sip or two, maybe a game of poker, when you see a roadside Honky Tonk! Just because the sign says "closed" it doesn't mean that you shouldn't go in and hang out for a little while, right? Well, good luck, because the hillbilly owner has found out that people have been sneaking into his "Tonk!" Can you outwit the local yokel and live to tell the tale? (Successful escape rate 45%)

LOST TREASURE ::: Captain Eli Godsey has set sail on a quest for lost treasure, but things do not always go according to plan. It is your team’s job to search the ship wreckage and discover the treasure once and for all, but you are not alone. Another team of pirates will arrive in 60 minutes and you will be forced to walk the plank. Arrrrrr you going to be able to crack the code and escape? (Successful escape rate 60%)

WHERE IN THE WORLD? ::: Phil Gates has recently hit it big playing the lottery, and lucky for you, he has set out on a trip around the world with a few additional tickets that he'd like to share. Word has it that he's down to his very last one. Can you track him from continent to continent in hopes of finding that last lucky ticket? You'll have 60 minutes to find out in Around the World! (This room is suitable for younger players -  young at heart and fairly agile -- but also our "hardest" room with only a 35% success rate!)

CAGED ::: Michael Souzano has broken out of prison and it is up to you and your group to stop him from wreaking havoc! Souzano is planning on conducting another prison breach and you have just been tipped off that he has been staying at the Seashell Motel in St. Pete Beach, Florida. Will you be able to follow his trail and hinder his plans before it is too late? (Successful escape rate 66%)